British Scientist Creates Cocktail Levitating Machine

Levitron Levitating Cocktail

The inventions of Charlie Harry Francis sound like contraptions you’d find in Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley: Gramophone Ice cream Pottery Wheel, Whirlgig Candyfloss Whirlwind and an Edible Mist Machine. Daily Mail reports that his latest invention, alongside Professor Bruce Drinkwater (so named) of the University of Bristol, is a cocktail levitating machine.

The Levitron consists of two plates that vibrate with ultrasonic sound waves between which a cocktail is suspended in droplets. The novelty of the experience presumably makes up for the inconvenience of “lick[ing cocktails] out of the air.” Levitating gin and tonics and Bloody Marys have proved successful, and Francis and Drinkwater have ambitions of serving a roast dinner in similar fashion. (Droplets of roast!)

The expense (£30,000) makes the experience inaccessible to most, but the inventors are working on cutting down the cost. Levitation technology could extend from the drink to the dinner to the entire party; the Levitron is but the first course. [Daily Mail] [Image: Flickr/alongfortherideily]