Brooklyn Laundromat and Pinball Haven Vies for Wine, Beer License

pinball bar

New York is no stranger to bars with bizarre themes, unusual decorations or colorful clientele, so a laundromat-bar should fit right in. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sunshine Laundromat, a Greenpoint, Brooklyn institution, is hoping to sell suds along side its dryer sheets and large collection of classic pinball machines.

Owner Peter Rose will present his case at a community board hearing on Thursday. If approved, Sunshine will be the only laundromat in New York City that legally sells alcohol according to the New York State Liquor Authority. NYC’s only other hybrid laundromat-bar, “The Wash House,”  closed in 2014.

Rose, whose dogs are also a staple of the neighborhood joint, has long dreamed of having a pinball themed establishment: “I really want it to be a pinball place that serves beer, as opposed to a bar that has pinball.” His impressive collection of 19 pinball machines include: “Cactus Canyon,” “Big Bang Bar,” “The Addams Family Gold” and “AC/DC Back In Black Limited Edition.” [Wall Street Journal][Photo: Flickr/Aaron Parecki]