Brooklyn Restaurant Debuts New Sexist Cocktail Menu

sexist cocktail menu brooklyn

Brooklyn’s Mexican restaurant Los Pollitos III has caused a stir with its sexist cocktail menu, according to ABC News. The restaurant has divided the drink menu into three sections for “ladies,” “every body” and “men” based on the amount of alcohol in the drink. “Light alcohol” drinks like the “Pink Sangria” and the “Melon Ball” are reserved for the ladies, and “Extra Alcohol” drinks like the “Tequila Cadillac” are, according to Pollitos III, for men. The categorization is so outrageous no one has pointed out that “everybody” is not two words. 

Despite the backlash, manager Marcos Merino said his intent was not to be sexist. “It’s a very common thing at the bar when people who like more alcohol complain that the drink is too weak,” says Merino. “That was the idea: if you want a drink that doesn’t have alcohol, pay $7, but if you want extra, pay $10. People thought it was fun: get a drink for a man or a girly drink.” Merino is clearly not quite sure what sexism is, emphasizing his 25-year experience in the restaurant industry as justification for a gendered cocktail menu. He works at the restaurant six days a week and says “he has not hear any customers complain about the menu.” [ABC News] [Photo: Marcos Merino via ABC]