Bud Light Introduces More “Cocktail Inspired” Beverages

bud light beer

Bud Light has decided to introduce “cocktail inspired” malt beverages called MixxTails to the market starting on February 16th, says Fox News. Touted as “the perfect pregame in a bottle” by Bud Light’s vice president Alexander Lambrecht, the drink will come in flavor options of Long Island, Firewalker and Hurricane.

After the success of their Lime-A-Rita beer margaritas, Bud Light has created these new ready-to-drink beverages in order to “quench consumers’ demand for more variety, mixology and easy, convenient cocktail solutions,” said Lambrecht. At 8 percent ABV, MixxTails will be similar to drinks like Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

According to AdAge, a version of the drink is already on sale in Argentina under the Quilmes brand name. AdAge also credits the popularity of these flavorful beverages to “fickle millennial drinkers, who tend to like intense flavors and constant variety.”

Stay tuned to PUNCH for more on what pre-made cocktails like these mean for drinking culture in a piece schedule to run later this month. [Fox News/AdAge][Photo: Flickr/Mike Burns]