Bud Light Takes Heat for “Up For Whatever” Campaign

Bud Light Party

Bud Light has been the recipient of much criticism in light of their “Up for Whatever” campaign, reports the New York Times. The campaign features bottle labels stating that “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night,” which was called out on social media sites for promoting rape culture, especially during the ongoing battle with date rape that takes place on college campuses.

Clearly the Anheuser-Busch folks have had a few too many Buds of late. The company has since issued an apology for their label, regretfully admitting that the “message missed the mark.” But after the backlash following Budweiser’s infamous anti-craft beer Super Bowl commercial, one has to wonder if the company’s marketing plan hinges on offending their audience. [New York Times] [Photo: Flickr.com/melle_oh]