Budweiser’s Superbowl Ad Slams Craft Beer, Pumpkin-Loving Basics

Budweiser beer

According to AdAge, Bud’s hard-hitting Superbowl ad could potentially be a game-changer for the company’s branding and sales.

The controversial ad boldly introduces Bud as a “macro” beer that is brewed “for drinking, not for dissecting” and cuts to a shot of three men—who AdAge describes as “caricatures of beer snobs”—inspecting a flight craft beers. The stiff, pretentious environment in which these men drink is juxtaposed against a relaxed scene filled with good-looking fun people clinking bottles of Bud.

“Let them sip their pumpkin ale,” declares the narrator, “we’ll be brewing us some golden suds.” Although Budweiser VP Brian Perkins notes that the intention of the ad was not to criticize craft beer, he tells AdAge that “occasionally we do have a little bit of fun with some of the overwrought pretentiousness that exists in some small corners of the beer landscape that is around beer snobbery.”

The ad takes the pumpkin bashing further by poking fun at “pumpkin peach ale,” which is ironic considering Anheuser-Busch, Budweiser’s parent company, actually owns a brewery that makes a peach pumpkin ale. If nothing else, the campaign speaks to the ongoing struggle big beer brands face in an age that celebrates craft beer. [AdAge] [Photo: Flickr/Buffaloted]