Budweiser Looks to David Chang for Help with the “Foodie” Demographic


Budweiser is still feeling backlash from the controversial Super Bowl ad that mocked the craft-beer movement and hailed the King of Beers as the true beer drinker’s choice. Small brewers around the country have continued to lash out at Budweiser, some even creating a version of the “pumpkin peach ale” the ad taunted. Now, in an attempt to appeal to “foodies” that might otherwise brush Bud aside, Anheuser-Busch has found an unlikely ally in David Chang. According to Fox News, Budweiser has now partnered with Chang to host a nationwide contest to find the best amateur burger chef out there.

“Bud and burgers, it’s a magical combination” Chang explained in a recent promotional video for the contest.

Eric Penika, a research associate at Euromonitor Intenrational, related his perspective on the partnership: “It seems a little suspect coming on the heels of the Super Bowl ad. Chang definitely appeals to a different type of consumer than the average Bud Light drinker.”

Last year Chang surprised some with a GQ op-ed in which he shunned snobbish beer culture and sang the praises of Bud Light, Tecate and Tiger Beer, or what he calls the “excellent bad beers” of the world. Budweiser jumped at the chance to get Chang on their team and reach out to an otherwise slightly unfamiliar demographic. Craft beers can taste good, he maintains, but “crappy” beer reigns supreme—if only for its ability to go well with pretty much any food.

The winner of the “Bud & Burgers Championship” being hosted by Chang will get $100,000 and a spot on Esquire Network’s new show “United States of Burgers.” [Fox News][Photo: Flickr/Stephen Hynds]