California Wine Industry Majorly Stressed by Drought

After three consecutive years of drought in California, vineyards could be the next big casualty, according to The Telegraph. The Golden State is facing the worst drought in a century, and the water levels are dangerously low as a result. 

The damage to Californian vineyards could be devastating for the global wine market; 90 percent of all wine from the United States originates from California, which makes it the fourth largest wine producer in the world after France, Italy and Spain. 

“There’s enough water in the reserve for another year, but if we don’t get enough snowfall this winter we’ll be in big trouble,” said an owner at a vineyard in Sonoma. Napa Valley usually gets 30 inches of annual rainfall; there has been no more than eight this year. 

The stress that the vines go through will soon reflect on the quality of wine. It might be time to organize a flash mob rain dance for Californian wines. See what the other side of the beverage industry doing about the drought here. [The Telegraph] [Photo: Flickr/Anthony Quintano]