Chef Gordon Ramsay Tries to Sneak Champagne into Qatar

According to Arabian Business, Chef Gordon Ramsay set off airport alarms after attempting to sneak a bottle of Dom Pérignon into the alcohol-abstinent Doha. Since 2011 there has been a ban on alcohol on the Pearl-Qatar (a man-made island near Doha), where Ramsay runs two restaurants out of the St. Regis Hotel. The Muslim Gulf country allows alcohol, but strictly monitors sale and consumption by foreigners. Ramsay was apparently just trying to pave the way for rowdy times at the 2022 World Cup, saying, “With the excitement of the World Cup and how the focus of the world’s media will be on Qatar… Things will change. I’m pretty confident. As a nation, Qatar is developing rapidly—but it’s a difficult scenario. I’m just trying to imagine an English fan celebrating with a Perrier.” Anyway, nice try. [Arabian Business]