Chillary Clinton Koozies, A Chinese Wine Flavor Translator and the 100 Best Wine Restaurants in America

red wine glass illustration

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– “More like Chillary Clinton, amirite?” is actual text on an actual koozie that Hillary Clinton is actually selling through her campaign website.

– Start planning that road trip: Wine Enthusiast announced their list of the 100 best restaurants in the country for wine.

– An Advocacy group found that Scotland could boost its economy by £272M by recycling the four million tons of waste produced by whiskey-makers each year.

– China is one of the world’s largest consumers of wine, so it makes sense that we’ll soon have a tool that helps Chinese wine tasters correlate traditional Chinese flavors with those customarily used to describe wine.

– “Oh my God, if you don’t drink sazeracs and Ramos gin fizzes in New Orleans, brandy milk punches or Pimm’s Cups at Napoleon House, you’re an idiot,” is just one of many gems in Dale DeGroff’s interview with the Times.

[Illustration: Mark Harris]