China Is Trying to Build Its Own Napa Valley

According to The Wall Street Journal, China is looking to develop its own Napa Valley in Yanqing county—a region northwest of Beijing—despite the area’s notorious issues with pollution.

The Chinese government recently finished building an “International Grape Exhibition Garden,” which will serve as a tourist destination for wine lovers (or so it hopes). It boasts “750,000 square meters of vineyards, along with a 2,500 square-meter greenhouse that will help nurture more than 1,000 kinds of grapes from more than 40 countries.” According to the organizers, the garden is already well-received, attracting 2,000 visitors on its second day of being open to the public. 

“We want to build our own Bordeaux in China,” said Pang Rongnian, the garden’s deputy director.  [The Wall Street Journal] [Photo: Flickr/See-ming Lee]