Constellation’s New Project Genome Typecasts Drinkers

In an attempt to better understand its customer pool, Constellation Brands has updated its “Project Genome” study that typecasts wine consumers into different groups, according to Wines & Vines. While Project Genome divided wine drinkers into “Image Seekers,” “Enthusiasts” and “Overwhelmed” in the past, it has added 3 more categories: “Everyday Loyals,” “Engaged Newcomers” and “Price Driven.”

To Dale Stratton, VP of strategic insight for Constellation, the Enthusiasts segment is the most interesting. It “accounts for only 10% of consumers but 15% of profits. Wine is very much a part of their lifestyle,” says Stratton, “and it’s the same thing on the spirits side.”

The company believes that closely monitoring its customers can help the wine industry better meet customer expectations. “As one of the largest consumer research project by the wine industry, Project Genome provides industry-leading research to improve the overall buying experience for today’s increasingly savvy wine drinkers,” says Stratton. [Wines & Vines] [Photo: Flickr/Paul Aloe]