D.C. Brewer Produces Beer That Smells and Tastes Like Weed


If you’ve ever wondered what pot-flavored beer might taste like, you’re in luck. According to The Washington Post, DC Brau Brewing Co. has teamed up with Oskar Blues Brewery to create a beer dubbed “Smells Like Freedom” whose aroma and flavor are just like that of marijuana—without using the real thing, of course. The objective of the beer is a form of protest intended to raise awareness for not only D.C.’s marijuana legalization effort, but also for D.C. resident voting rights.

Brandon Skall, chief executive and co-founder of DC Brau Brewing Co., started fermenting the beer last fall, and believes that the issue goes beyond just marijuana legalization and toward the taxes District residents pay every year. According to Skall, if the District of Columbia continues to support only partially legalized weed, it will miss out on the revenue from taxes that could be used for public schools, as in states like Colorado where marijuana is fully legal.

As for the beer, DC Brau brewer Christopher Graham explains that the smell and taste was achieved through a unique combination of experimental hops: “Some were over the top with melon. Some had a lot of berry notes. But all had that undertone of piney, resinous, dank quality that someone would expect from a nugget” of weed. In other words, yum. [Washington Post][Photo: Flickr/Cyril Caton]