Daily News: Alcohol as an Anti-Depressent, California Riesling on the Rise


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– NPR interviews David White, author of But First, Champagne, about the changing perceptions of the celebrated sparkling wine.

– According to Esther Mobley, the quality and popularity of California riesling are both on the rise.

– A new study suggests that alcohol can work similarly to anti-depressants, affirming the link between depression and alcoholism.

Goose Island will pasteurize its beers to prevent unwanted bacteria for the first time in the company’s 28-year history.

– Finally, Eric Asimov remembers Stanislao Radikon, a natural wine purist operating in the Collio region of Italy, who died this month of cancer at age 62.

[Photo: Flickr/jon oropez]

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