Daily News: BrewDog Comes to America, Decoding the Biological Personality of Wine


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– A new bar in Sussex, England, has blocked cell phone signals to encourage patrons to be more social.

– Scottish brewery, BrewDog, is seeking to raise £50 million from crowdfunding to expand operations in the U.S.

– Researchers at the University of British Columbia are decoding the biological personalities of wines to understand the unique smells and tastes behind different varieties.

– Despite the abundance of high-quality local beer in Brussels, American brews are making inroads in one of Europe’s beer capitals.

– As English wines gain stature and the market for less heralded wine regions grows, Decanter explores whether English wine will ever be a collectors item.

– Finally, in her latest dispatch from Tales of the Cocktail, Daisy Dee recounts her experience at the Beam Suntory “Hotel.”

[Photo: Flickr/Ryan Bjorkquist]