Daily News: Debunking IPA Myths, Baijiu Heads West


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Joshua Bernstein, author of The Complete IPAdebunks several prevailing myths about the IPA style.

Many brewers are choosing not to distribute across state lines, citing concerns over quality control, expenses and environmental impact.

– While climate change threatens many wine regions, the rising temperatures are benefitting Germany’s pinot noir.

Robert Simonson talks with Brad Thomas Parsons about his penchant for bitter liqueurs ahead of the release of Amaro.

– Baijiu producers are lowering the proof of the potent chinese liquor in an effort to win over Western drinkers.

– Finally, The New York Times highlights a unique alliance between truffle hunters and vintners in Barolo, Italy.

[Photo: Flickr/Henry Söderlund]