Daily News: Drinking with Peru’s Presidents, Mirin Cocktails, Ready-To-Drink Shots

Winemaking in Georgia

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– At Cordano, a century-old bar adjacent to Peru’s Government Palace, co-owner and bartender Jacinto López Delgado has served Peruvian presidents since 1973.

– With a winemaking tradition that dates back thousands of years, the Kakheti region in the post-Soviet country of Georgia is garnering 21st-century attention.

– Short for “liquor shots,” the miniature, ready-to-drink cocktails known as LIQS expand into new markets following their Miami debut.

– At the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo, bartender Kentaro Wada reintroduces drinkers to mirin, a sweet rice wine popular in the 19th-century, by mixing it with sherry, yuzu-infused bitters and shiso.

– Finally, Clarence “Fancy Clancy” Haskett has been a ballpark beer vendor at Baltimore Orioles games since 1974 and has sold over a million beers.

[Photo: Flickr/jb]