Daily News: Eli Zabar’s Wine Collection, Philly Somms Fight the Liquor Board

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– One of China’s largest wine retailers, JD.com, sold approximately $61.5 million worth of wine to consumers in 2015, and expects online sales to triple in 2016.

– Eli Zabar, widely known in New York City for his eponymous Upper East Side food emporium, keeps an extraordinary collection of Burgundy, Barolo and northern Rhône wines in his cellar, shop and wine bar.

– Philadelphia sommeliers are fighting the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to try and lower prices on their wine lists.

– China’s increased influence on the luxury goods market has made China the dominant buyer and price setter of fine wine.

– Finally, a Vietnamese coffee shop in Stanton, California, has been sued by the city for smoking indoors, staying open after-hours and employing nude servers.

[Photo: Flickr/Jennifer Yin]

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