Daily News: FBI Investigates Potential Premier Cru Ponzi Scheme, Robot Turns Tweets Into Cocktails

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– In Manhattan, you are never further than five and a half blocks from the nearest Starbucks.

– The Brewers Association’s Craft Beer Program Director Julia Herz offers tips on how to more completely enjoy your favorite brews.

– On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Bernie Sanders drank beer and ate boiled peanuts when the host suggested it would help him win the primary in South Carolina.

– A new machine scans Twitter for ingredient mentions to turn tweets into cocktails.

– The Brewers Association sent a sampler of 10 beers to Peyton Manning after the quarterback mentioned Budweiser in his Super Bowl speech.

– A British entrepreneur is making a line of Lehman Brothers-inspired whiskey, hoping that its “contrite, bereft peatiness” will evoke “the ups and downs of the economic devastation of 2008.”

– A Michigan supermarket chain wants to introduce by-the-glass beer and wine to drink while you shop.

– The FBI is now investigating bankrupt wine retailer Premier Cru for claims of a Ponzi scheme.

– Finally, PUNCH editor-in-chief Talia Baiocchi talks to Food & Wine about her new book, Spritz, and evolution in the world of wine writing.

[Photo: Flickr/Das Punkt]