Daily News: How To Drink Mezcal, The Rise of Sake in the U.S.


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– In Lucky Peach, agave advocate Erick Rodríguez offers his seven top tips for enjoying mezcal.

– Troy Casey’s approach to brewing beer is more akin to winemaking, but it’s working.

– A new venture called True Craft is pouring big bucks into craft breweries to keep them autonomous from Big Beer.

– In Japan, sake has a reputation as an old man’s drink, but in the United States, its popularity is on the rise as the wine world embraces the fermented rice drink as its own.

– In GQ, Mark Byrne offers his take on the natural wine trend.

Seminole Nation has devoted a portion of its land in Oklahoma to a new vineyard venture in the hopes of bringing economic opportunity to its citizens.

– The Wall Street Journal profiles star sommelier, Rajeev Vaidya.

– Finally, the 1934 classic, The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book, has been re-released and updated by the current bar manager.

[Photo: Flickr/Darij & Anna]