Daily News: In Defense of Classic Cocktails, Italy’s New Wine Fountain


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– A fountain in Abruzzo, Italy now dispenses locally produced wine at all times.

David Wondrich writes in defense of several overlooked classic cocktails, like the Sidecar and the Blood and Sand.

– In Decanter, Carson Demmond explores a promising shift in California zinfandel.

Starbucks has introduced The Espresso Cloud IPA, a drink consisting of beer topped with espresso foam, served with a shot of espresso on the side.

– Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s definition of hospitality only succeeds when both bartenders and customers participate.

– Finally, in Roads & Kingdoms, one writer enjoys the healing properties of Slovenia’s honey liqueur, known as medica.

[Photo: Flickr/Tim Sackton]