Daily News: Irish Whiskey’s Moment, Trump Supporters Cover Beer Costs at Anti-Trump Party

Irish Whiskey

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Recognizing the often exorbitant cost of good Bordeaux wine, Eric Asimov highlights several bottles worth seeking out for less than $100.

Irish whiskey has become the world’s fastest-growing spirit, beating both bourbon and Scotch by significant margins.

Donald Trump supporters unwittingly contributed to the beer costs of an anti-trump event in Mexico city with the purchase of t-shirts depicting the nominee’s face.

– After years of running an illegal speakeasy in Buenos Aires, Julián Díaz has opened one of the city’s favorite drinking spots.

– Smithsonian takes an in-depth look at the diversity of hops around the world.

– Finally, GQ wonders whether or not you should, in fact, take that shot.

[Photo: Flickr/Neil Turner]