Daily News: John Legend Launches His Own Wine, Leo Look-A-Like Bartender Becomes Internet Famous

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– For all you “I only smoke when I drink”-ers, a new study has found what makes the combination work so well together: Cigarettes actually negate the sleep-inducing power of alcohol.

– What it takes to be a #unicornwine.

John Legend is launching his own Napa wine brand: Legend Vineyard Exclusive.

Food & Wine unveiled an on-demand alcohol delivery option in partnership with Drizly, which will accompany its cocktail recipes and articles online.

– Martinis aren’t Bond’s only drink of choice: There’s also Bollinger Champagne.

– Why craft brewers love puns.

– Finally, a Swedish bartender is riling up the Internet with his uncanny resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio.

[Photo: Flickr/Pop Tech]