Daily News: John Wayne’s Liquor Cabinet, Wastewater Beer

John Wayne

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Though he favored a neat glass of Wild Turkey bourbon, John Wayne was also known to enjoy tequila, aquavit and Dom Pérignon.

– A communications company has determined that there are five distinct “tribes” of wine buyers including the “info geek” and the “trophy hunter.”

Making beer with wastewater may be the future for brewers in drought-stricken California.

– Rather than focus on the adverse effects of alcohol consumption, a new study explores the relationship between alcohol and happiness.

– The trend for small speakeasy-style bars is on the rise in Hong Kong, amid a shortage of space and skyrocketing rents.

– Finally, Jancis Robinson takes stock of the shifting wine world, from new vineyards to new markets.

[Photo: Flickr/martin_vmorris]

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