Daily News: Kathie Lee Gifford’s Rosé, 140-Year-Old Beer and Taco Bell to Sell Alcohol

Taco Bell

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-osphere.

– A 140-year-old bottle of beer found in a garage in a small town in England sold for $935 at auction.

– The first Taco Bell to sell alcohol will feature bouncers and “mixed alcohol freezes” containing one ounce of booze for every 16 of liquid.

– Now we know the most popular liquor in every state; whiskey stakes the claim in 42.

– Some drunk-dial, others drunk-buy-pizza-for-strangers-on-the-internet. £350-worth of pizza.

– Finally, Kathie Lee Gifford’s rose that will be available on all Carnival cruise ships, because of course.

[Photo: Flickr/m01229]