Daily News: Kevin Zraly’s Last Class, Terroir-Driven Rum


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Southern states are spearheading a craft rum movement that foregoes molasses in favor of freshly culled sugar cane for a more terroir-driven spirit.

– Legendary wine instructor, Kevin Zraly, will teach his last class this year at the heralded Windows on the World Wine School.

– Brazil’s wine industry is enjoying increased export sales and heightened domestic demand following the 2016 Rio Olympics.

– In England, a thief broke into a man’s home and drank “a quantity of rum” before passing out on the couch.

– Alcohol producers have enlisted virtual reality to transport users to the birthplace of their products in the hopes of influencing taste perception.

– Finally, Food Republic spends a day shadowing Alex LePratt, Brooklyn’s only master sommelier.

[Photo: Flickr/hslo]