Daily News: London Gin Distillery Creates Mustard Gas Instead of Mustard Gin, Ciroc Releasing “Blue Steel” Vodka


– North Korea says it has invented a type of booze made from “scorched rice” that won’t cause a hangover.

– CIROC vodka is launching a “Blue Steel” edition in collaboration with Mario Testino and Zoolander 2.

– Will these hexagonal beer pong cups revolutionize the game?

– A gin distillery in West London was evacuated after staff accidentally produced mustard gas while attempting to make mustard-flavored gin.

– Nespresso, who is represented by George Clooney, is suing an Israeli competitor for hiring a Clooney look-a-like for their commercials.

– Finally, here’s how to teach your drone how to get you a beer.

[Photo: Flickr/Jessica Spengler]