Daily News: Lululemon Makes Beer, Blue Wine Exists and the Four Types of Drunks


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-osphere.

Some breweries are starting to offer space for yoga classes, a trend that sounds like it might just equate to happy hour with yoga pants.

– A group of entrepreneurs have released a blue wine called GiK in Spain that is created with added “laboratory-formed pigments”; none of those involved have previous wine-making experience.

– In what might be “the most West Coast business decision ever made,” Lululemon is releasing their own craft lager.

– In unfortunate news for women, drinking alcohol may raise blood pressure in females.

– Finally, researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia have discovered that there are four different types of drunks. Are you a Hemingway or a Mary Poppins?

[Photo: Flickr/Fort George G. Mead Public Affairs Office]