Daily News: Margot Robbie Loves the Shower Beer, Breakfast Cereal Cocktails

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Actress Margot Robbie reveals that she enjoys an after-work shower beer or, time permitting, a bath beer.

– In the lead up to November’s election, Chicago bar will donate $1 to the local ACLU chapter for every anti-Donald Trump beer sold.

– Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, sampled local craft beer and grooved on the harmonica following a North Carolina rally.

– The Peter J. Shields Library, the largest wine research library in the world, has launched a new project aimed at distilling the history of former UC Davis professor and winemaking pioneer, Maynard Amerine, who died in 1998.

– A number of bartenders are showing their playful side with drinks that take their inspiration from breakfast cereal.

– Finally, the New York Times shines a light on Slovakia’s Tokaj wine region, which is often overshadowed by nearby Hungary’s Tokaji region.

[Photo: Flickr/Sarah_Ackerman]