Daily News: “Mazel Tov” Cocktails, The History of Icehouses


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– For decades, Canada and Denmark have used whiskey and schnapps to lay claim to the disputed territory known as Hans Island.

– With few governing rules, the category of malt whiskey is appealing to a growing number of American craft distillers.

– Imbibe briefly traces the history of icehouses, from commercial vendors to family-friendly watering holes.

– In Damascus, as rebel shelling subsides, a number of bars are opening their doors once again.

– Finally, avid Trump supporter, Scottie Nell Hughes, mistakenly refers to molotov cocktails as “mazel tov” cocktails in her criticism of Clinton supporter, Jay Z.

[Photo: Flickr/Barta IV]