Daily News: Rapper-Approved Drinks, Starting the Day with a Tankard of Ale


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– The associate editor at VICE, River Donaghey, spent four days living as people did in the 18th century, including starting the day with a few tankards of ale.

– Barroom staples like mezcal and quality tonic are illegal to import to South Korea, but one bartender is patiently legalizing foreign imports bottle by bottle, and teaching the country how to drink along the way.

– From Crunk Juice to Purple Swag, First We Feast highlights 12 rapper-approved drinks.

– With 842 residents consuming an average of 74 liters of wine annually, Vatican City has the highest per capita wine consumption in the world.

– Tapping into the “experiential luxury” market, Viniv allows its clients to create personalized Bordeaux wine and labels.

– With the craft brewing industry booming in the U.S., some worry that a bubble is about to burst.

Aaron Goldfarb offers his guide to warm weather beers that stray from stereotypical summer style.

– Finally, the Los Angeles Times looks at Roussanne, a grape variety that’s both “maddening and majestic.”

[Photo: Flickr/PW McMahon]