Daily News: Sake-Flavored Kit Kats Launch in Japan, World’s Oldest Tea Dates Back 2,100 Years

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Kit Kat is releasing a sake flavor in Japan for Valentine’s Day.

– The Kroger grocery chain has proposed a plan in which alcohol companies would “pay for positioning” in stores, creating a major distribution problem for craft brands.

– Cuba’s first-ever trade show of American wine is coming up this weekend, with 100 California wineries hoping to find a new market in the Caribbean.

– A Saudi Arabian man was arrested for trying to smuggle 14 bottles of liquor taped to his underwear and legs into the dry country, where penalties for alcohol possession include flogging and prison time.

– Archeologists have found the world’s oldest tea remains, dating back 2,100 years, in the excavated tomb of a Chinese Emperor from the Han Dynasty.

– Finally, a UK ice cream company has developed the “Everlasting Chocolate Tap,” a faucet that spews warm liquid chocolate “for you to pour, lick, gargle or gobble straight into your mouth.”

[Photo: Flickr/Praveen]

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