Daily News: SodaStream for Beer, Reviving Obscure Beer Styles


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– SodaStream, the company that popularized at-home soda makers, is attempting to tap into the beer market with their latest appliance.

Munchies sits down with bartender Teddy Fury of Toronto’s Horeshoe Tavern where Willie Nelson, Etta James and the Talking Heads have all played.

– In a historic record dated June 1, 1495, the first recorded mention of Scotch whisky appears, with King James IV requesting enough malt for 1,500 bottles.

– As small brewers continue to be acquired by larger companies, the ambiguity of the term “craft” has become a contentious issue in the beer world.

– Finally, from kottbusser to grisette, craft brewers are reviving once-obscure beer styles.

[Photo: Flickr/Alan Levine]

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