Daily News: Taco Bell Bar-Restaurants for All, Whiskey Ads in Your Snapchat

taco bell

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Taco Bell has announced that they’ll be launching more bar-restaurants, or “Cantinas,” after the much-anticipated Chicago location. SF, you’re next!

– The family-owned (and recently-disputed) Napa Wine Train has been sold.

– Ice bars are such old news; how about fire lounges? Miami now has both in one place.

Jim Beam ads will soon start sneaking into your Snapchat (if you’re 21 and older, that is.)

– Hatchet Hall’s wine list has many scratching their heads, including one critic at the LA Times.

– Finally, one college hockey goalie found out what happens when you chug a beer in the middle of a game.

[Image: Flickr/Amiga-Commodore]