Daily News: The Best Beers in Every State, Paul Calvert’s Hangover Cures


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

Atlanta magazine interviews Paul Calvert, co-owner of Ticonderoga Club, to discover his hangover cures, favorite dive bars and more.

– A new study suggests that the accumulated sensory experiences that come with being a sommelier result in a thickening of the sensory part of the brain.

– NPR probes Jack Daniel’s on the decision to promote the role of Nearis Green, a slave, in their origin story.

– Aaron Goldfarb offers his take on the best beer from every state.

– Finally, Munchies visits Fajã dos Padres, a vineyard on the island of Madeira, and samples the local Malmsey.

[Photo: Flickr/Adam Barhan]