Daily News: UK Adjusts Alcohol Guidelines, Tequila Brand Owner Helped Set Up Sean Penn and El Chapo Meeting

beer pour

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Available by KickStarter pre-order for $450, the Somabar Robotic Bartender instantly serves 300 different drinks “mechanically dispensed, not stirred.”

– The UK has debuted new alcohol guidelines recommending no more than 14 drinks per week for both men and women—10 drinks fewer than indicated in the American guidelines for men.

– Owing more than $70 million, Berkeley-based wine seller Premier Cru has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after failing to deliver on 5,000 orders.

– One giant leap for mankind: A Brandeis University biophysicist has developed a coffee flour that will allow bakers to infuse the health benefits of the arabica bean.

– Finally, the meeting between Sean Penn and cartel lord El Chapo was set up with the help of telenovella star and tequila brand owner Kate del Castillo.

[Photo: Flickr/JohnPickenPhoto]