Daily News: Video Game for Rosé Lovers, Alcoholic Rice Porridge


Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– The team behind New York’s Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog are opening BlackTail, a cocktail bar inspired by American bars in Prohibition-era Havana.

– In Borneo, a typical morning during rice planting season involves a predawn breakfast of alcoholic rice porridge.

– A team of brewers is seeking to introduce quality craft beer to Ho Chi Minh, where quantity has long overshadowed quality when it comes to beer.

– In an attempt to lure bourbon and rye drinkers towards whiskey, distillers are increasingly considering non-peated recipes.

– Finally, a new video game for oenophiles asks users to track down tasting notes for real French rosés.

[Photo: Flickr/littlekiss]