Daily News: Paste Taste-Tests 45 Pumpkin Beers, Virginia Becomes Fifth Largest Wine Producer in U.S.

pumpkin beer

Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere:

– Parts of the U.S. that have a higher volume of meth labs often share common factors, including that many of them happen to be dry.

– The group of women who were kicked off the Napa Valley Wine Train in August are filing an $11 million racial discrimination suit.

– Virginia is now the U.S.’s fifth largest wine producer. What’s with all the hype?

– After gaining a spot in the Wild Card Game, the Yankees celebrated by promptly spraying champagne everywhere.

– Dogfish Head is releasing a vodka and two gins in November.

– Finally, the good people over at Paste magazine have blind-tasted and ranked 45 pumpkin beers, so you don’t have to.

[Photo: Flickr/Zach Dischner]