Daily News: St. Germain’s Influence, California’s New Cult Wines, Manischewitz on the Rise

Whiskey Shots

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– While the Jewish population that grew up with the ceremonial kosher wine, Manischewitz, has come to loathe its syrupy consistency and saccharine flavor, the wine’s popularity continues to grow in other circles, especially among Asians.

– With the passing of St Germaine founder, Robert J Cooper, Los Angeles bartenders reflect on the impact of the elderflower liqueur on the cocktail industry.

– As the UK seeks to improve their end-of-life care, the NHS is considering the the inclusion of a “tipple” of whiskey in their revised guidelines for patients facing death.

– The San Francisco Chronicle delves into the new cult wines that have California sommeliers scrambling to get their hands on a bottle.

– Finally, Alex Halberstadt remembers musician Merle Haggard over a glass of Dickel whiskey.

[Photo: Flickr/IrishFireside]