Dennis Rodman Presents a Bad Ass Vodka

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman visited Calgary to launch his own line of vodka, according to the Calgary Herald. The controversial basketball star is famous for his bad boy image, and counts North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un amongst his friends. The name of his vodka? Dennis Rodman Original Bad Ass Premium Vodka. While in Calgary, Rodman did a signing at Co-op Wine and Spirits and partied with the locals at Black Betty. 

“I’ve always been a vodka drinker,” said Rodman. “It just gives you so many options—drink it straight, mix with soda, make a martini—so it just made sense for me when I finally got my own spirit, to start with vodka.” The five-time NBA champion likes to drink his namesake vodka straight, but also enjoys it with cranberry juice or soda—just like the college girls and boys who will be drinking it. [Calgary Herald] [Photo: Flickr/davidd]