Diet Whiskey Is Now a Thing


The world of Skinny Girl, flavored vodkas, and other manipulated spirits is getting a new addition: diet whiskey. According to Munchies, the new THINN Light Whiskey produced in Genoa, Ohio, aims to appeal to calorie-conscious drinkers, though they don’t specify how low that calorie count is compared to regular whiskey.

The company also doesn’t specify how exactly they’re able to make whiskey “diet,” aside from a very general explanation on their website: “handcrafted by master distillers using rare ‘small batch’ methods,” which provide the consumer with, “only the best sensory experience possible while keeping calories low.” The company’s website also cites that the whiskey is “vacuum distilled,” “resulting in a low temperature distilled process highlighting the sweetness and smooth wheat finish.”

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more cringe-worthy,  the company also makes blueberry and cinnamon flavored versions of their “light whiskey.” [Muchies][Photo: Flickr/Nico Kaiser]