Distillers Are Taking Inspiration from IPA Brewers

The intersection of booze and beer is growing beyond the boilermaker. According to ABC News, small batch distilleries are taking a hint from their craft beer counterparts and infusing your favorite IPA’s signature ingredient—hops—into the hard stuff.

Contrary to the marketshare-gaining philosophy of other flavored alcohols—like marshmallow vodka or cherry bourbon—these emerging hops-steeped spirits have little to do with gaining mass audience, and more to do with creativity. “We’re just trying to have fun,” says Allen Katz, New York Distilling Company’s founder, who makes hop-infused Chief Gowanus New-Netherlands Gin. He understands that the new brew-infused releases certainly aren’t for everyone along with other brands like Anchor Distilling (which makes Hophead Vodka) and New Holland Brewing Co. (the distillers of Hatter Royale). But with steady sales and increasing popularity among serious bartenders and craft beer enthusiasts, it’s only a matter of time before they hit the mainstream. [ABC News] [Photo: Flickr/Paul Miller]

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