Does Tequila Translate Agave’s Health Benefits?

Agave is a miracle plant, and its medicinal potential as a cure-all is well documented over the centuries. But does this tradition hold true for our most favorite agave product, tequila? BostInno reports on a recent study conducted by the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society on agavins—the fructans contained in the agave plant. It states, “agavins, a natural form of sugar found in the agave plant, are non-digestible and can act as a dietary fiber, so they would not raise blood glucose.” This means agavins could be a healthier alternative to refined white sugar or artificial sweeteners for diabetics. But because agavins are cooked and turned into ethanol during the process of fermentation, it turns out that tequila does not carry any of those advantages.  Don’t let this kill your Cinco de Mayo buzz. Just ask for your Margarita made Tommy’s-style—with real agave syrup instead of the simple stuff. [BostInno] [Photo: Flickr/Nico Nelson]