Drinking Booze Will Make You More Popular at Work

According to Fast Company, drinking can help you become popular and more successful at your job. A new study appropriately titled “Drinking to Reach The Top” suggests that “frequent drinking is linked to higher social status.” 

So as drinking “al desko” with coworkers to socialize after and during work becomes more popular, Fast Company looks into the correlation between alcohol consumption and professional success. Because professionals “feel the pressure to fit in,” they tend to have a drink —or five—with their coworkers. “I got negative feedback from PR colleagues and even clients from the year off,” said Dana Humphrey who stopped drinking all together in 2013. “A lot of business deals still happen over a drink!”

The study also suggests that having more than 12 drinks at a time had “the same, or less, social standing as the ones who didn’t binge.” So turns out vomiting into a trashcan after a dozen drinks doesn’t exactly have the same negative effect on your professional standing as it used to. Here’s to progress.  [Fast Company] [Photo: Flickr/Pbil Whitehouse]