Drinking May Increase Sun Cancer Risk

beer on a beach

The British have discovered a way to justify the country’s nationwide palor. The British Journal of Dermatology has released a study with evidence that regular drinkers have an increased risk of developing skin cancer according to MSN News UK. “Light drinkers, defined as people who drank less than one drink a day (with one drink defined as 12.5g alcohol), had a 10% increased risk of skin cancer, rising to 18% for moderate to heavy drinkers.┬áThe direct effect of drinking as related to skin cancer is uncertain (some evidence points to a compound that increases light sensitivity), but a cross-sectional study showed that moderate to heavy drinkers are more likely to consume alcohol at outdoor social gatherings, and therefore more likely to sustain sun damage. Medical authorities encourage moderation in both sun and alcohol consumption.┬áSay au revoir to beach drinking. [MSN News UK] [Photo: Flickr/BrashVideo]