Drunk Raccoons, Emergency Rosé and Jacques Pepin Drinking from a Porrón on a Plane

cute raccoon

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– Possibly the only upside to California’s devastating drought: better-tasting wines.

– The “Hugh Hefner of the Hamptons” narrowly avoided a catastrophic rosé shortage while sailing around the Galapagos by having emergency reserves flown in from Ecuador and delivered to his yacht.

– While across the globe, 99 people in a Mumbai slum are dead, and close to 50 others hospitalized, after drinking illegally brewed moonshine that turned out to be toxic.

– Also, Jacques Pepin drank from a porrón on a plane. (But could he do it from a New York City bridge?)

– New Yorkers and sherry enthusiasts: Sherryfest kicks off tomorrow. Expect seminars on the current state of the sherry world, dinners with leading producers, and, of course, tons of tastings. Not in NYC? Get in on the fun with three sherry cocktails you can make at home.

– Foursquare delved into the state of cocktails in this week’s edition of their On the Pin podcast; get it on iTunes here.

– And finally, a thirsty raccoon broke into a warehouse full of alcohol and proceeded to do what anyone would in that situation — go on a bender. Raccoons: They’re just like us.

[Photo: Flickr/Tambako the Jaguar]