Eric Ripert & Aldo Sohm To Open a Wine Bar

Aldo Sohm is one of the world’s most recognizable sommeliers. As the chef sommelier for New York’s Le Bernardin he oversees a collection of more than 15,000 wines. In his spare time he also makes a little wine in collaboration with the Austrian producer Kracher under the Sohm & Kracher label, and through his partnership with Zalto he’s brought us what are arguably some of the best wine glasses in the world.

Now, along with Le Bernardin’s chef Eric Ripert, this summer he’ll be opening a new wine bar next door to the restaurant. Wine Spectator reports that, according to Sohm, “wants it to be casual, quick and simple, focusing on cured meats, cold appetizers and a few goodies from the kitchen.” It’s slated to open in July. [Wine]