European Airline Bans Outside Booze on Ibiza Bound Flights


After a series of riotous incidents involving pre-gaming passengers headed to Ibiza, European airline Ryanair will ban passengers from bringing booze on board flights between Glasgow and the party island, reports the Daily Mail. Those who don’t comply risk with the ban risk being removed from the flight.

The airline recently announced that even hand luggage will be searched prior to boarding and duty-free booze purchases will also be disallowed. Instead, customers can pack any duty-free purchases in their baggage which will be tagged and placed in the aircraft hold free of charge.

A Ryanair spokesperson declined to comment on the nature of the incidents that sparked the ban. However, a flight traveling the same Glasgow to Ibiza route last year was forced to divert to France’s Beauvais-Tille Airport when a group of intoxicated travelers became unruly. Police at the scene reported that 14 men—who were so drunk that they thought they had landed in Ibiza—were thrown off the plane in France. [Daily Mail] [Photo:]