Fake Wines Plague the UK, Including “Shardonnay”

More news on the fake wine front: There is a one in five chance that the wine from local corner shops in England is counterfeit, according to the Daily Mail. Criminals seem to be printing convincing labels of recognizable wine brands like Jacob’s Creek and offloading them at small independent shops. 

Recently, a store in North London “was caught with 249 bottles of fake Jacob’s Creek,” while 75 stores out of 415 off-licenses in Staffordshire were selling fake wines. The forgers made a comical error while producing counterfeit Jacob’s Creek: A customer noted that the label read “Shardonnay” instead of “Chardonnay.”

Despite efforts from the Intellectual Property Office to deter sales of fake wine, counterfeit alcohol seems to be on the rise accounting for 73 percent of UK Trading Standards investigations. Watch out for that Shardonnay, friends. [Daily Mail] [Photo: Flickr/F Delventhal]