Fast Food Chain Targets Tired Moms with Wine Milkshakes

How do you introduce wine to middle America? Put it in a milkshake. The fast food chain Red Robin is now serving Mango Moscato Wine Shakes alongside burgers and fries. As the target market for the product (“35- to 49-year-old moms in need of a break”), a Today reporter logs her wine shake experience noting she was “overwhelmed by an overpowering sweetness, followed by the acidic aftertaste of the Moscato.” 

The beverage was created by the chain’s “master mixologist” Donna Ruch and follows a number of limited edition adult drinks including a Beer Shake made with Sam Adams OctoberFest. Available until September 1, the Wine Shake—which, in a way, assumes the female palate has not progressed past its 19 year-old coconut rum swilling days—can be found at 480 Red Robin locations across the country. [Today]